Private Sessions

“It’s really nice because in addition to all the fun in your classes you have something so valuable to give in each lesson, like a coaching piece of advice that you can apply to dance but in other areas of your life…you have no idea how teachers like you are helping all of us! So grateful”

Liz Kamille also offers private sessions!

These not only focus on dance itself, but on how we feel as dancers, the thoughts we have, and the way we can adapt our mindsets to grow.

Open Space’ by Liz Kamille is a concept where she creates just that – an open space. It’s an open space to dance, to talk, to get advice, to listen to the music and to feel. You decide what you want from the session, making it completely personal to you and your journey.

Private sessions are available online or in-person (presently in Accra, Ghana).

A Message:

“I am constantly learning, I am constantly growing; and therefore, I take everything as a way to better myself and in turn, better those who choose to learn from me. With every class or workshop I teach, I want it to be a place where you feel comfortable within the space and leave feeling enlightened.”

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