About The Author

Liz Kamille loves books!

The concept of taking people on a journey is one that has fascinated her – the idea of imagination, taking someone’s words and immersing yourself in something new.

Throughout high school, English was one of her favourite subjects, and that was clear with her A* in English Language and Literature at GCSE.

Liz Kamille has been writing poetry and short stories since she was 13, using this as a way to express herself and her feelings, as well as an avenue to escape reality.

It has given her comfort, it has given her clarity and it has given her happiness over the years.

She started writing her first novel ‘The Progression’ when she was 18, but put this on hold after graduating, choosing to focus her writing on poetry and blogging. However, have no fear, this novel WILL be completed.

In the meantime, take a look at her self-published books Me, My Thoughts & I, and The Little Book of Pep Talks