Welcome to the world of Liz Kamille.

I dance, I write, I do things.”

The Dancer

To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak” – Hopi Indian Saying.

This quote resonates with me because it highlights why I love to dance. From the moment the music starts, I leave it all on the floor and dance with my heart and soul.

Dance is a powerful force that makes me who I am. My passion is strong, and the love for my craft is evident in all that I do.

Follow the journey, follow the dream.

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The Author

This is an aspect of my life a lot of people don’t know about. 

I LOVE to write, and I am so so happy to announce that I finally have a book!

Those that know this side of me would have expected this to be the novel I started during my first year of uni; don’t worry, that’s still on the cards! 

However, I decided it was time to put together a collection of some of the poems and thoughts I’ve accumulated over the years, and the result is ‘Me, My Thoughts & I’!

It gives some inspiration here, some motivation there, and also highlights that we all go through some crappy things sometimes! 

Check it out!