“Liz is a very patient and supportive teacher, very accommodating for different learning needs, and very approachable. Needless to say, she switches up the different styles of dance every week, and never fails to amaze with her fun yet challenging choreography! She is also hilarious!”

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5 “rules” of taking a #LizKamilleChoreography Class

1) Pour your sauce and sprinkle your spice! What this means is add your personality! It’s inspiring to watch the way different people dance my choreography. Now, that isn’t to say you should change the steps, no. Always respect the routine, but bring your flavour!

2) Ask questions if you have them. Don’t suffer in silence for fear of looking silly – I LOVE questions.

3) Pay attention to the vibe of the routine. What’s the story I’m trying to tell or the story you want to tell based on what I’ve given you. It doesn’t have to be DEEP just be mindful. 

4) Understand your intention for taking this class. If you want to have fun, have fun and let go! It’s not deep this is not a rehearsal. And some advice I got from Tarek Khwiss, if you need to work on one thing in class do that! If today is about breathing do that. If it’s about hitting musicality do that and work on that! And in future if you’re taking my class again, feel free to come up to me at the start of class and say “hey Liz FYI I’m working on my musicality today” and I’ll keep an eye out to help. 

5) Don’t walk off if you mess up! Keep going even if you’re just 2-stepping the entire thing! Remember we’re all human. EVERYONE (including me) messes up sometimes!