Reviews So Far

“My dearest daughter, I cannot even begin to tell you how proud I am of you..! What an achievement but then I’ve always known you had it in you and I’m glad you’re finally getting to know that too. I’m so sorry you’ve had your moments of loneliness and despair but I also know that without those experiences, you wouldn’t be the talented, exceptional person today who’s using her life’s experiences to help other people. My personal favourites are ‘Mother’ of course, ‘Gratitude’, ‘I have got this’ and ‘Melanin’. Each and every poem resonates in some way. Well done. I love you to the moon and back. Mum ❤❤”

Wonderfully authentic book of modern poetry. Liz’s truth can speak to so many of us and her poetry is raw, reflective and uplifting. The poem titled Melanin needs a special mention, beautifully written. I’m so excited for Liz’s future projects. Well done!


“So Mam has just read your book and she said it’s brilliant!”


Liz should write more.”


“As someone who doesn’t read much – particularly not poetry – I didn’t really know what to expect from this book. As it turned out I couldn’t put it down. So many of Liz’s words ring true. As a person who suffers with anxiety I know how easy it is to feel like you are all alone. This book alone disproves that completely. We all have our own battles. It’s so refreshing to come across someone who is brave enough to put it so eloquently into words and share it with the world.”


I feel like I’m still learning a lot about you”


“It really resonates so far… the art work is [crazy]”

With a true and grounded perspective on life, Liz’s words have the ability to resonate with all of us, no matter what we might be going through. Honest, inspiring and very touching, Me My Thoughts & I is a book I’ll be keeping very close to me for those moments when I need to remind myself that everyone has their struggles and that we are all just human beings finding our own way through life.”

“I really liked it!”

You’ve really inspired me”

My gran has already hijacked the book & is loving your poetry!”

“I have read your book and absolutely loved it! Such a fine mix of thoughts, expressions and emotions. Very very well done!”

“This book is an eventful journey through the author’s mind. There are many different experiences and the thoughts shared that were not just relatable, but relevant to many alternative viewpoints. I find myself sighing with pleasure often as I found myself in the words of its many different reads. I hope to see more from this young talent.”

“Really enjoyed the book Liz. I read it in one sitting. Very excited to see what more comes from Ms. Liz Kamille!”

This author’s writing is charismatic, articulate and shows a willingness to display her vulnerability. It demonstrates a confidence and beauty within. Each page drew me in further than the last, I was immersed and read the book from cover to cover. Beautifully written book and one that I will continue to revisit.”

LOVE YOUR BOOK!!! You are so talented Liz! Grateful particularly resonates as I’ve definitely struggled to let go of some people that I really needed to get rid of and it’s not until they’re gone that you realise how much better it is without them!  Love Melanin too! So powerful. Sign of our times is so true! And your Wuthering Heights is amazing!! Took me back to our English lessons! These are my favs but they are all incredible! This is really inspirational Liz and will definitely help a lot of people who have felt the way you have.”

Awesome start to the world of poetry! Keep it up! My favourites are ‘Perceptions’, ‘Pay Attention’ and ‘Signs of Our Times’.

I honestly love this SO much!!”

“One of the most beautiful and thought provoking poetry releases I’ve had the pleasure of reading in such a long time. The way it is presented as a diary is true to the Beauty of its title ‘me myself and I’. I feel like this book is a window to the authors soul.”