Reviews So Far

It’s incredible, I NEEDED this. I especially love the ‘your turn’ section. I’m gonna take it with me before every audition! I’m beaming with admiration ❤️🥰


“My mum read it – she loved it!”


“I love it well done.”


“This is exactly what we need in quarantine”


 “I needed to hear this today. Great piece of work Liz!”


A perfect little pick me up of inspirational quotes and feel good messages. If you are every feeling a little low I highly recommend this book for a perfectly positive read. As usual Liz Kamille has produced a fantastic piece of work to be proud of. 5☆”


Love this little book! The perfect antidote to a bad day… I just flick through and every page I land on gives me a smile and gets me back on track! Would make a lovely gift too 💜”


“Another wonderful release from this author. Her work this time devoted to helping others. Not only in its content but the fact that each sale donates to incredibly worthy causes. This book is the PERFECT pick me up on a gloomy day.”


“Amazing from start to finish. Every quote is relatable and empowers you to overcome subsequent thoughts. Could not recommend more!!”


Absolutely loved this little book and is something I turn to when I start to feel a bit overwhelmed. It reminds me that it’s all part of the journey and yes I am awesome haha. I love that they are short quotes so very easy to pick up and read when you need to. Thanks Liz!