Reviews So Far

It’s incredible, I NEEDED this. I especially love the ‘your turn’ section. I’m gonna take it with me before every audition! I’m beaming with admiration ❤️🥰

“My mum read it – she loved it!”

“I love it well done.”

“This is exactly what we need in quarantine”

 “I needed to hear this today. Great piece of work Liz!”

A perfect little pick me up of inspirational quotes and feel good messages. If you are every feeling a little low I highly recommend this book for a perfectly positive read. As usual Liz Kamille has produced a fantastic piece of work to be proud of. 5☆“

Love this little book! The perfect antidote to a bad day… I just flick through and every page I land on gives me a smile and gets me back on track! Would make a lovely gift too 💜”