The Progression


It charged at me, and I just about managed to roll out of the way before the impact. I got up to run but was caught by a blow from another. I could feel the blood trickling from my nose as I stood sandwiched between the two. I braced myself to fight…


Who was she? How did she know my sisters? How did she know my name?
The twins shook their heads, looking concerned. The girl looked alarmed. They all started running. I tried to keep up but I felt myself drifting further and further away until…

In the city of Averia, Jeremiah Michaels and Kaiya Edwards lead separate lives, with two gates that divide them.

In the Grey Region, Kaiya takes part in her first ever Progression, a virtual competition that will allow her to move her family to a better Sector and a better Region- if she succeeds.

In Sector Ten of the White Region, at the command of the General, Jeremiah reluctantly takes part in his first Progression as an obstacle for all those competing.

Two journeys. One city. One Progression that changes everything.