“Honestly you are easily one of my favorite teachers you create such a safe environment in contrast to how it can be in the london studios as I’m sure you know. Really enjoy coming to your class xX.”Tara S.

“Your choreo gets me feeling myself every time; and you teach it so well! When I watch your videos I’m like “I’ll go but I’ll never get it” but I feel good trying! Also to add – you create such a safe space. I’ve started experimenting with clothing and stuff in a way I’ve never had the confidence to do anywhere in the world.” – Jay P.

Loved this song, choreography & class so much! Thank you for helping us understand the whole vibe & energy of the piece! It really taught me to slow down & focus on the details. So much fun, thank you!✨🙏🏼”Hannah F.

Thank you for teaching! It was such a warm, accepting space to be in!– Giles A.

“Hey thank you very much! I loved your class so much and this choreo!!”Alex S.

“Massive thank you for class yesterday!! Never have felt more confident and comfortable in a class before!! You are absolutely amazing!! Please let me know when your next classes are😍😍😍🔥🔥 You made everyone feel welcome and involved!! Wish I came to your classes sooner! Would have grown sooo much more as a person and dancer. Thank you Thank you Thank you. 🔥🔥💗💗” Emma F.

“This class was something… The atmosphere she creates and her vibe is seriously awesome!”Iris H.

“Thank you so much for that wonderful class! Just wanted to say I loved it a lot and the connection you create with the music through your choreography is really cool!” Abbie J.

“Honestly, Liz is the best teacher! Her class has such a supportive and kick ass energy. She always makes me feel so comfortable 🙂 Her routines are so empowering!” Nawal R.

“It was my first attempt to do that type of dance and I’m amazed by Liz, such an amazing person, motivating everyone no matter what the level. Would love to learn from her again!! Had the best time.” – Isabelle M. 

“Very fun, vibey, creative class and you are one of the kindest teachers. pouring your heart into this workshop and it really came through and showed✨✨” – Marina T.

“This workshop was amazinggg! if you ever come across a Liz Kamille class, you better go!! This woman alongside teaching a dance class, she also gives you some pretty good life lessons too😂 She is incredible, inspiring and so so encouraging. It always seems like a safe space when you’re dancing with her. Thank you Liz. Go check her out!!!!”Kath P.

“Thank you Liz for the fire choreography as always; you create such a beautiful and fun learning space and I can’t wait for the next workshop” – Laura K.

“Absolutely loved this class! Liz has the most amazing energy and really inspires everyone in the room to be their authentic self dancing and having the best time. She should have her own class!” –  Fran L.

Hey girl! Just wanted to say I’m so glad I came across your page your choreography and just presence has given me confidence I never had your classes have kept me sane during this lockdown. So thank you for that” – Shana S.

“Honestly you’re such a joy to learn from as well! Laughed and smiled all the way through that class 👏” – Poppy C.

“I have so much love for your heart – being inspired by you daily. Thank you so much for a beautiful class”Robin D.

It’s really nice because in addition to all the fun in your classes you have something so valuable to give in each lesson, like a coaching piece of advice that you can apply to dance but in other areas of your life…you have no idea how teachers like you are helping all of us! So grateful” – Priya D.

“Liz thank you so so much for that class! that choreo and song was beautiful! always love taking your classes and the way you teach us just incredible, you make us feel so safe 💜” – Bethany K.

“Thank you for such a phenomenal class! Your energy was THE BEST!! It was soooo good. I swear to god. Lush environment”Katy W.

“Honestly love your classes so much you’re one of the most inspiring teachers I’ve ever taken class with ♥️” – Beky H.

“Thank you so so much! Cant wait to come to your in person classes when this is all over! Learnt so much easier than I expected from your class too! Perfect pace, I love xxx” – Rue Elizabeth

“Liz literally does the *best* classes!!! They’re so fun and I feel like I’m really learning and improving each time! Can’t wait for the next one 😍
😍” – Rachel

Absolutely love Liz’s classes – she creates such a positive, fun atmosphere and I always have SUCH a good time. Her choreo is also amazing! Already looking forward to the next one”. – Ruth Ellen

“Feeling emotional after Liz Kamille’s workshop… you are one of a kind! Thank you for creating such a safe space for us to train, your choreography is epic every time. Thank you for sharing your gift with us”
Beky H.

Fun vibes, chill atmosphere and so much energy and sass. First class I’ve ever been to and I didn’t feel uncomfortable or unable to do it. Liz makes you feel so relaxed and also talented. I’ll definitely be attending her class again!” Ben E. 

“Liz has a very unique, effective and fun way of teaching commercial dance in a way that transcends all levels. She really encourages her class to engage with the music, the vibe, the lyrics and the rhythm is a fun and exciting way. She really takes away the pressure of learning the choreo, allowing her class to ease into the steps and music effectively. Today’s class was SO MUCH FUN – I’m literally on such a buzz hours later. I really wish she had a class at Base…for me to look forward to”Davina O.

Absolute amazing!! Liz has such good energy!!! She’s an amazing teacher! Welcoming  party atmosphere to bring your best :)”  – Rachelle S.

Thank you again for the class last weekend! The girls haven’t stopped talking about it or practicing the dance, you made a real impact on them we really appreciate it!” – AZ Elite, Cardiff 

Fantastic class! It was my first one ever and Liz who covered Robin was super professional and extremely fun. Can’t wait to learn more from both her and Robin in the future” – David S.

“I want to say a massive Thank You and for all the classes! Ive only been dancing properly for about a year and a half now and starting your classes was the best thing i ever did! I was so [bad] at picking up choreo and by coming class I saw the improvement in like a space of a month! Also learnt a lot about my body n the sort of dancer I want to become! Also my confidence had grown loads by joining you classes!”  – Mari K.

“Liz brought dance back into my life when I thought it was gone and for that, I’m forever grateful! My pick up and musicality has been resurrected thanks to Liz, and she also created such a safe place to explore different styles.” – Hannah May W.

“Participating in Liz’s dance is truly an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. She provides various dance styes in her classes, giving us a taste of many different dance influences. I love going to Liz’s dance classes, because of the teacher, the people and the challenging yet awesome dance routines. Liz is funny, friendly and a talented dancer. I recommend that you join her dance classes, for an awesome dance journey! 😊” – Tayo S.

“Such an amazing class thank you so much!! 2 classes and I am absolutely in love with your classes and pushing myself out of my classical comfort zone weekly!” – Ffion M.

“I’m still absolutely buzzing from your class you brought so much positivity fun and amazing choreo 🙌🏻 loved it. Hope you can do more in Bristol !!” – K.L.B.

“Liz is a very patient and supportive teacher, very accommodating for different learning needs, and very approachable. Needless to say, she switches up the different styles of dance every week, and never fails to amaze with her fun yet challenging choreography! She is also hilarious!”Roberta N.

“Liz’s classes are TRULY AMAZING !!!!! 😀 I would definitely recommend her classes for anyone who enjoys dance and feels open to try different styles !!! ❤ with a different routine every week I enjoyed every change in routine so much !! The atmosphere in class is very welcoming by Liz as well as by all the dancers and that means so so much for a newcomer !! Liz is very supportive, encouraging and motivating ❤ Thank you very much !!!! (P.S I wish there would be more than 5 stars to rate these classes :P)” – Marios H.