“As a choreographer, it is always a joy to work with dancers who share my passion and commitment for dance and Liz is one of those rare talents who make my job so rewarding. We have danced together many times, most recently at Cardiff Fashion Week 2016 where we performed a fashion-inspired piece I choreographed for the occasion. I included a particularly complex and challenging vogue-style section to perform with Liz and one other dancer, knowing she would grasp the choreography quickly and bring her own unique flavour to the work. Liz is a joy to work with – talented, creative, always wanting to improve and always bringing a dash of sass and street vibe to every performance.”Yonier Garcia (Founder, Mundo Dance)


“Liz’s classes are TRULY AMAZING !!!!! 😀 I would definitely recommend her classes for anyone who enjoys dance and feels open to try different styles !!! ❤ with a different routine every week I enjoyed every change in routine so much !! The atmosphere in class is very welcoming by Liz as well as by all the dancers and that means so so much for a newcomer !! Liz is very supportive, encouraging and motivating ❤ Thank you very much !!!! (P.S I wish there would be more than 5 stars to rate these classes :P)” – Marios H. 


“Liz is a very patient and supportive teacher, very accommodating for different learning needs, and very approachable. Needless to say, she switches up the different styles of dance every week, and never fails to amaze with her fun yet challenging choreography! She is also hilarious!”Roberta N.


“Such an amazing class thank you so much!! 2 classes and I am absolutely in love with your classes and pushing myself out of my classical comfort zone weekly!” – Ffion M.


“Participating in Liz’s dance is truly an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. She provides various dance styes in her classes, giving us a taste of many different dance influences. I love going to Liz’s dance classes, because of the teacher, the people and the challenging yet awesome dance routines. Liz is funny, friendly and a talented dancer. I recommend that you join her dance classes, for an awesome dance journey! 😊” – Tayo S.


“Liz brought dance back into my life when I thought it was gone and for that, I’m forever grateful! My pick up and musicality has been resurrected thanks to Liz, and she also created such a safe place to explore different styles.” – Hannah May W.


“I want to say a massive Thank You and for all the classes! Ive only been dancing properly for about a year and a half now and starting your classes was the best thing i ever did! I was so [bad] at picking up choreo and by coming class I saw the improvement in like a space of a month! Also learnt a lot about my body n the sort of dancer I want to become! Also my confidence had grown loads by joining you classes!”  – Mari K.


Fantastic class! It was my first one ever and Liz who covered Robin was super professional and extremely fun. Can’t wait to learn more from both her and Robin in the future” – David S.


Thank you again for the class last weekend! The girls haven’t stopped talking about it or practicing the dance, you made a real impact on them we really appreciate it!” – AZ Elite, Cardiff 


“Liz literally does the *best* classes!!! They’re so fun and I feel like I’m really learning and improving each time! Can’t wait for the next one 😍
😍” – Rachel


Fun vibes, chill atmosphere and so much energy and sass. First class I’ve ever been to and I didn’t feel uncomfortable or unable to do it. Liz makes you feel so relaxed and also talented. I’ll definitely be attending her class again!” Ben E.