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Best friends of 8 years, Liz and Hannah May are trying to successfully be 20 something year old adults. Join in and listen to their thoughts and things about what it means to be a functioning human in the sh*t storm that is modern day living.

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“You Had No Teeth Hun” – An Episode To Reminisce & Catch Up On The Past Week The Bear Necessities

Liz and Hannah May are delirious. Join us on what can only be described as a chaotic rollercoaster through all the emotions from this week’s injury to drag race and the predictions for the winner, to stories from the childhood chippy and a realisation of time and the weird way in which it moves. It’s a weird one. It’s a loud one. Enjoy!
  1. “You Had No Teeth Hun” – An Episode To Reminisce & Catch Up On The Past Week
  2. This Is The SECOND Time We’ve Recorded This! – An Episode to Update
  3. “Starbucks, I Retract My Comment, But I Am SUSPICIOUS” – An Episode To Update
  4. Deep Life Chats – A DMC Episode
  5. “Where u Been?” – An Episode to Regroup
  6. “I Didn’t Want To Wake Up My Flatmate For It To Turn Out To Be A Fart” – An Episode On Endometriosis
  7. “Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self” – A Galentines Day Special
  8. “He’s A Liar With a Platform” – An Episode on Honesty
  9. “Fussy Butter B*tch To Aubergine Kween”- A Discussion On Veganism
  10. “Do Americans Use Commas Differently” – A Guide To Astrology.