Lessons Learnt

I, myself, am not religious.

I would say I’m spiritual, with the idea that the universe is at work somehow -and my OH MY, is it here trying to teach my some LE👏🏾SSONS👏🏾.

What a bloody week it’s been – drama drama drama! I won’t delve deep into the details of that, but more about what I’m taking from the hurt that’s been caused.

I’m at a stage now where I’m trying to take everything that happens to me as a lesson to better prepare me for the future. I’m trying to view everything as a path to growth, where I can learn the best way to react to and process situations.

I have always tended to be a “why me?” kind of person.

“Why does this always happen to me?”

“What did I do wrong?”

“Why do I keep being treated this way?”

The blame game has always resulted in me believing that I was at fault, and I say NO MORE!

When you give the best of you, that is all you can do. Those that see this and still take advantage and disrespect you are the ones with the problems, not you.

You are not to blame for other people’s mistakes and the issues they’ve clearly got within themselves.

I see this now.

I fully believe in taking responsibility for your actions and being self aware about the parts you play when relationships, friendships or connections fall apart – for sure!

But if all you’ve done is be a good person, then there’s nothing more you could have done.

This week has once again highlighted the epicness of my tribe and the love from my family.

My support system is absolutely BEYOND, and I know that no matter what happens as I go through life, I will be fine.

So GIRRRRLLLLL – quit playing! YOU’RE GOOD!


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