Are You Single?

Why does it seem taboo to ask someone this question when they start talking to you?

In all honesty, it’s truly a very innocent question.

However, asking would make you come across as somewhat conceited, because it seems like you’re assuming they have an agenda.

They may do, they may not, but isn’t it safe to just KNOW a person’s relationship status? Just to clear the air?

No blurred lines.
No trying to work things out.
No being put in situations that could come and bite you in the ass because you “didn’t know”.

Hey, they could be trying to connect as a friend or a “professional” way, but I feel like knowing would also be a good way to refrain from flirting or eventually liking a person if they’re taken.

It’s not to even say that by both being single something would happen or potential feelings would be mutual, I just think there’s no harm in knowing.

Am I rambling?

A little bit, but this where my mind is at…

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