Fuck your racism

I’m tired of repeating myself so…

👉🏾 READ THIS! It is important

👉🏾 How she discovered she was white

👉🏾 A thread on examples of white supremacy

👉🏾 “Being black is..” a thread 

👉🏾 YOU SAY THE UK ISN’T RACIST?! Are you dumb?!

👉🏾 “What about black on black crime?” 

👉🏾 This is another VERY important thread

👉🏾 Click here to read a FB thread about Winston Churchill where I ask why you’re so concerned over statues than actual lives

👉🏾 Click here to read what it feels like when you keep saying “but”  

👉🏾 Here’s a spoken work piece to OPEN YOUR EYES

👉🏾 The UK is not innocent and neither is our Prime Minister 

It is not our job as black people to have to educate you on why our lives, HUMAN LIVES, matter. 

We’re living in a new age right now, and you have to be held accountable for your privilege and racism. Leave your “I’m not a racist, but” at the door.

There are many books, documentaries and resources available for you to DO THE WORK and grow. All we want is equality, all we want is peace. All we want is for us to stop being oppressed and marginalised. Why is this such a debate? This is NOT just an American issue, it is a world issue. Open your eyes and see the part YOU play in this.

I find that memes and social media posts tend to easily and simply express the messages, so here are some (I will keep adding to this).


















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