This Is Theatre

What an absolute HONOUR it was to dance and model for Nathan Palmer’s #ThisIsTheatre fashion show last Friday!

Those who follow my social media channels will have definitely seen multiple posts about this event, but I know some are still confused about what it was all about.

What was it?

This event was fashion show to unveil Nathan’s new collection, which was followed by a three course dinner and after party for attendees.

When was it, and where?

Friday 8th December at the National Museum, Cardiff.

How on earth did you get involved?

We were asked to create a contemporary/hiphop (ish) dance to start the show, and it turned out we were actually going to model our outfits as well (SAY WHAT).

I met Nathan for the first time at the end of October, and it was clear to see that he would be an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a GEM – a very down-to-earth guy whose talent is beyond!

The clothes he creates are edgy, yet elegant, bold and beautiful, and I am so grateful that the piece he made for me is now mine to keep.


Our dress rehearsal on Thursday 7th was when I first met Sian Gunney, the Marketing Consultant for this event.

She too, was down-to-earth, and was very set on making the show a complete success. Professional, approachable and accommodating, she is someone I would have no qualms about working with again!

Thursday was also when I met Nathan’s wife, Jess (a delight), the rest of the models for the first time, and was when we finally unveiled our piece – pressure much!

It turned out to be a great day (despite my fall at the top of the stairs…), and our dance was very well-received by all!

The models we met were a great bunch too, and this definitely put me at ease for the show the next day.

Friday = SHOW DAY!

This day FLEW by, and I still feel on a high with how well it all went.

Our hair was done by the fabulous people at The Hair Business in Penarth, and I had my make-up done by the wonderful Heidi-Ann Dupres (who turned out to be my friend’s auntie – small world!).

Photo by Jamie Thomas Photography

From there, we went to swap cars, got a lift to the museum, met up with the team, got changed, had makeup touch-ups, did about 3 run-throughs of the show, and then out of nowhere, it was time to perform and walk the runway!

It was a BLAST!

Photo by Ritchie Rich

I’m incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity, and it was also a fabulous bonding experience to choreograph and take part with Klaudia and Sarah!

I don’t even know what else to say except, it WAS theatre indeed!

Until next time.


Photo by Ritchie Rich

More pictures from the whole event can be found on Nathan’s Facebook page here.


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