As I sit here writing my goals for the new year (Two Thousand and SLAYteen as my flatmate has coined it),  I’m finding it very difficult to not be ridiculous.

There’s so much I want out of my life, and so many things I wish to have under my belt, and I need to keep reining myself in in order to be realistic.

Looking back at my goals for 2017, I have realised I was, let’s say, very optimistic in some of the things I hoped to achieve this year; some were not plausible in the slightest! However, I now know where I went wrong.

I knew what I wanted, but I just didn’t know HOW I was going to get there, and that’s where my problem lies.

I’m very aware about how my mind works. I am a dreamer – I see myself doing so many things and slaying at life, but if you were to ask how I was going to make these things happen, I couldn’t tell you because most of the time, I 100% wouldn’t have even thought about it.

I am all for the positive vibes and law of attraction scenario, where things you wish for and put out to the universe do indeed come back to you (I wholeheartedly believe in this), but I need to remember that a bit of work and effort actually comes into play in order to get things done.

So, as I write out my goals for 2018, I must pair this with how I intend on achieving this and I’m so ready to glow the fuck UP!


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