“I could never be vegan!”

This is something I had drummed in my mind due to my love of all things dairy (cheese especially); but as it turns out, I was very very wrong.

Veganuary 2018…

I signed up because I thought “why not?”

After a year and a few months of being a pescatarian, I had decided that 2018 was the year I was going to be 100% vegetarian.

However, with veganuary being in, well, January, I thought I would see if I could do the “extreme”, so to speak, and if it sucked I could go down a notch to pure vegetarianism.

In my experience, going vegan this month wasn’t actually that difficult*. I feel like I’ve become used to it so I don’t really feel the need to revert back.

I think the fact I wanted to be conscious of what I ate with regards to wanting to lose weight made it much easier because I couldn’t just grab a chocolate bar, or a share size of Tangy Doritos, or a pack of chocolate digestives if I wanted to snack (don’t judge).

Pair this with the fact that there are actually so many meat and dairy free alternatives means that going vegan in this day and age isn’t really a chore – it’s just something you have to be mindful about.

I’m not writing this to try and convert you, literally just noting how it’s impacted me, and how I feel about it.

When it comes to food, I say each to their own. You do you and mind your own business.

I don’t understand why some vegans and meat eaters have to be such haters to each other. It’s your own bloody choice what you want to eat! DO YOU!

Anyway, I digress.

Taking part in veganuary has helped me get creative when it comes to cooking, and it has actually been fun experimenting with different recipes and flavours.

I’ve also discovered new restaurants (shout out to Atma on Queen Street) that are vegan friendly and I wholeheartedly say that I have not been disappointed at all!

Anyways, this has been a positive experience for me, myself and I.

I feel that if you want to make the change, it’s really not as hard as you think (you can do it!) , and if you don’t, then carry on as you are .


*if we forgot the one drunken chips and gravy situation24AD7347-B4C0-41D4-8652-45996D2C1D73

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