Highlight: Mau Design

If I was to talk about the amazing shit my friends and family did in one post, I would be here forever; so every now and again, I’ll write a little ‘highlight’ on this blog.

At this moment, I’d like to highlight ‘Mau Design’ a new venture by my brother from another mother, Lewis Gardiner.

A little background:

Lewis and I have been friends since our first year of uni – that is, since September 2011! After a night out of BELTING out S&M by Rihanna (and some questionable dance moves) we were set!

A5E910B2-21E7-4AE5-9CB2-5CB786473EC0.jpegHowever, we actually got incredibly close when we moved to London after uni, and this bond was strengthened over a pint and scrabble every week (what are we like?)


What’s the highlight?

Mau Design is “a product, industrial and graphic design company. [They] design and create everything in the shop and aim to make every piece a little different from the last so that every purchase is unique.”

This is all done by the main man himself. HIMSELF!

I just think this is cool as fuck.

Making these and setting up shop was something Lewis has said he wanted to do, and the fact that he has made this happen is a true testament to the kind of guy he is.

Man doesn’t play around! (Let me not get into the fact that he casually went on a climb up Everest over Christmas).


I’ve just received the set of 3 candle holders that I won through his Instagram and Facebook competition (this was honestly pure luck), and that’s what spurred me on to write this.

Check out some of the products Mau has to offer:

You can see more and purchase at:


Until next time!✌🏾❤️

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