Twenty Five

On this 25th birthday, I look at 25 things I’ve learned during my life:

–  Manage your expectations
– Some people are just shit – deal with it
– It’s seriously okay to say no to things simply because you don’t want to…
– Trust your gut and your instincts
– Pay attention to how people react in situations
– Looking within yourself and reflecting on who you are as a person is a great way to build self awareness
– You’ve gotta take the negative with the positive. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows
– Angela Marsons is a fantastic crime thriller author
– Dancing and choreographing is something I never want to give up
– Everyone is the star of their own show called life
– Stop doing things for validation from people who JUST 👏🏾 DON’T 👏🏾MATTER👏🏾
– The power of 3 will set us free
– My mother is a goddess
– You can do the Macarena to any song
– Just because you don’t speak to certain people AS often doesn’t mean they’re not still your people
– Donald trump is a c*nt
– Stop trying to please everyone
– Holidays/trips abroad are good for the soul
– Carpe Diem
– My birthday = my choice
– It’s possible to be a multi faced woman. Read books and twerk. Be spiritual and a freak
– It’s okay not to be okay
– I’m grateful for everything that’s happened to me because it’s brought me right here to this moment


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