Wuthering Heights – Heathcliff and Cathy

A poem by 16 year old me:

Love is passion

It’s lust

It’s agony

It’s pain

Her love for him

Makes her go insane

His love for her

Is just the same

Their feelings are true

But hard to explain

Her death has turned

His heart so cold

He’s gone so wild

He’s out of control

A fire is burning

Inside his soul

He loves her so much

He won’t let go

So at night she roams

Through the moors

She bangs on windows

She knocks on doors

You’ll never hear her

Until darkness falls

She’s not at peace

It’s his name she calls

Heathcliff please

Let me in, it’s me

We need to escape

Run wild and free

Like bird’s, we’ll fly

Together you and me

A new beginning

If you’ll forgive me

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