A Look Into ‘Me, My Thoughts & I’

‘Me, My Thoughts & I’ is Liz Kamille’s first book, and it’s coming out 12th July 2018.

Here’s a quick look into the story behind it..

Why do it?

I had said many times in the past that I would put together a collection of my thoughts and poems, and I finally decided to get it done.

This book is a reflection of me, and it’s so so SO personal because you are gaining an insight to the way I have felt, the way I do feel, what I think, and what my opinions are on certain things. 

So why not do it? Why not lay these on the table?

Some poems had been hiding away in my laptop from uni, with documents saved from when I was a teenager – why not bring them to the light?

How have you managed to put this together and get published?

I’ve self-published through Blurb, and everything has been put together myself!

I designed the front and back cover using a blank template on Canva. I put the book together using Blurb’s Bookwright tool. I drew the doodles myself…

This book will be available through a range of different platforms, so check out http://www.lizkamille.com/theauthor on 12th July to find out where you can purchase a copy!

What do you hope to achieve? 

First and foremost, this was done for me. 

On the basis of that, I didn’t want to achieve anything in particular, except being able to say to myself “Well done Liz, you actually did it.” 

However, as I was going through the content, I realised that my words could potentially help some people out. I felt that surely at least one piece would resonate, as readers may have felt the same way before. 

As well as this, I felt that some pieces could help individuals have a different outlook on certain situations they may go through. 

So, that’s what I want now – I want people reading it to think ‘Yassssss’, or ‘Okay, I’m not alone’ or ‘You know what, I never thought of it that way’.

Why now?

To be honest, I was feeling shitty. I was feeling a little stuck and a little unaccomplished, so I decided to do something about it.

Any special shout outs? 

Oh they know who they are, and I know they’re reading this now. 

Thank you for listening to me whine about certain people who inspired some poems. 

Thank you for our conversations that helped me realise certain things, either by what you told me, or what I ended up saying to you. 

Thank you for lending an ear when I’m stressed out and I want to cry and I’m just going through the motions. 

Thank you for being excited when I’m excited, happy when I’m happy and for being the best tribe anyone could have!! 

I do have to name-drop, however…

Thanks to Lewis Gardiner for turning my drawings into jpegs so I could embed them when putting this book together. 

Thank you for helping with my logos so I could have the right formats for all future endeavours. 

Thanks for the video you’ll be making for me (guys keep an eye out)! 

Also in advance, thank you to Hannah May Williams who I will also be forcing to do a video for me…

And to my mother, the goddess, for being epic, and my siblings for waving my flag high.

What’s next? 

You get the book when it comes out on 12th July, you share a picture/boomerang/video when you receive your copy and hashtag #lizkamillebooks on social media (I’d love to see and repost these!) 

What’s next FROM YOU (as an author)?

I guess we’ll have to see!

I still need to finish ‘The Progression’ which is a novel I started when I was 19. It’s book one of a trilogy, so there’s lots to be done! 

I still have many poems I have from my past and I’ll be writing more of course, so there’s that.

I’d also really love to do some joint work with my friends who are writers – I think that’ll be really exciting. 

In the meantime…

Spread the word of ‘Me, My Thoughts & I’ – tell your friends, tell your families, tell your Uber drivers.

Also, make sure you follow me on social media @lizkamille and keep an eye out on this blog to stay up-to-date on all shenanigans.  

3 Replies to “A Look Into ‘Me, My Thoughts & I’”

    1. I am so so incredibly stoked, proud and thrilled about this! The Sky Is The Limit! Keep pushing on! Love you girl, go get ’em! Muah xoxo


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