A Look Into The Title

I had stated on my previous blog that it was “just me, my words and I”, and this was initially going to be the title.

I decided to change it because the words I write are an outcome of my thoughts – that’s where they begin.


Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the constant that is ‘me’ – my words, my thoughts, myself.

Most times I’m cool with ‘me’; I do love my own company. 

Sometimes I want to escape from ‘me’.



They don’t stop.

Some take hold so much I have to write them down (you should see the endless notes on my phone).

Sometimes they stress me out.

Sometimes I need to breathe.

Sometimes I am at peace with my mind.


& I:

Who was I?

Who am I?

Do you truly know me?

Would you know of the imposing cloud of negativity that plagued me for so many years?

My self esteem and self worth felt destined to be a reflection of what I THOUGHT people thought of me.

You’re not good enough Liz, you never will be.

Note that “Awakened” and “I Surrender” give insights to where I’m finally at with regards to my state of mind, and where I hope readers do (or will come to) think of themselves.

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