They are not you – you are not them

I think we always expect people to act the exact same way we would towards them if the tables were turned.

This is simply not the case, and I feel it’s time I accept that.

Some people will not put the same effort you would.


They will not support you with the same vigour you would.


They will not care for you in the same way you would.


Some people will resent you for your achievements.

Mega FACT!

I think this is alright; that is life. As my brother always says, “manage your expectations”.

Now, this is not to say stop being a good person, or that you should only do things to get ‘rewarded’ for it – I’m just saying it’s sometimes good to be aware of the level of energy you’re giving out to certain people, especially when you realise they don’t do the same.

You could effectively be giving more of yourself and that energy to those who appreciate it and would do the same for you.

Manage your expectations.

Pay attention.

Continue to do you and build YOURSELF up and get shit done! 


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