How are you? How’s your mental health?

Sometimes we get so caught up in our lives that we forget to ask (or do we forget to care?).

I have noticed this about myself and I’m sorry; I’m trying to change.

I am trying to remember to actually check in when I have the thought of “I hope they are okay”.

We can’t just assume that all is swell because our friends/family have not outwardly come to us with their problems.

We can’t expect people to be fine all the time – everyone’s got their own problems too.

Everyone’s got their demons, everyone’s got their issues, but would you know what’s going on? 

Will you ask “How are you? How’s your mental health?”

I think it’s really important to ask. Even if it’s now and again, just ask.

Now, trust me when I say that I know it’s very hard to be there for others when you are struggling with yourself, and you’re battling with what’s going on with you.

It’s difficult to check in – I understand.

I feel like I need to be honest – I’m finding it very hard right now.

For some reason, I’m very on edge.

I don’t currently feel at peace.

The negativity is creeping up.

The self-doubt is screaming.

I feel really overwhelmed.

I am struggling.

I’m trying to push through. I’m trying to move forward and change my mindset, but I feel in my heart that I’m on the cusp of a breakdown.

But will you ever ask “How are you? How’s your mental health?”

Now, I don’t know what’s going on and I don’t really know why, and I must state that I’m aware that my “problems” are so so so minute compared to other people’s.

There is also so much I am incredibly grateful for and proud of, and I know I’m working really hard to build something amazing. Again, I’m aware of this and perhaps this is why I keep telling people I’m okay.

Internally, I don’t feel like myself.

It’s easier for me to write this down and let it out here despite it being so personal.

Anyway, I feel like I’ve gone off course…

All in all, when you get a moment, just check in with those around you, I’m trying to do the same.

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