By Liz Kamille:

Rotimi ft Wale – ‘In My Bed’

Winner of Rotimi & Triller’s #InMyBedChallenge

Dancers: Aaron Francis, Shaq Tavernier, Josh Heyman, Shanice Roseanne, Vega Paniagua, Liz Kamille

Filmed by: MakFilm Productions

Edited by: MakFilm Productions & Liz Kamille

Wondaboy – ‘Gimme Yur Love’

Hannah May | Girl Wander Photography

In 2017, Liz Kamille was asked by Wondaboy’s management to create a dance video for his track “Gimme Yur Love’.


Dancers: Liz Kamille, Alex Roach and Klaudia Rzepnicka

Filmed and edited by: Hannah May Williams

By Leighton Rees:

Bruno Mars & Cardi B – ‘Finesse’

In March 2018, international choreographer and dancer, Leighton Rees, asked Liz to be one of the few dancers included in his vision for this track by Bruno Mars and Cardi B. 

Check out the 90s inspired Concept Video!

Dancers: Leighton Rees, Liz Kamille, Iestyn James, Molly Burgess, Jalessa Lammy and Lia Hammond Williams. 

Filmed and edited by: Lemarl Freckleton

By Tarek Khwiss:

Tinashe – ‘Throw A Fit’


Tarek Khwiss, Founder of Gawz Dance Agency, challenged students to pick a song, choreograph, find a location and film a concept video in two takes (ALL IN AN HOUR), on the final day of the 10-week Gawz Intensive programme.


Choreographed and danced by: Liz Kamille, Roberta Ng, Alex Roach and Shanice Roseanne

Filmed by Tarek Khwiss

Todrick Hall – ‘Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels’

For Todrick’s #NHHHChallenge, Tarek’s drag self, Bella Shaheed, choreographed this piece and asked Liz to dance alongside in the video!

Watch below:

Dancers: Liz Kamille and Bella Shaheed

Filmed and edited by Sonia Mulher

By Mira Jebari:

Chris Brown – ‘Juice’

Mira created this #FemaleTakeover and asked Liz Kamille to be a part of both the commercial and hip hop sections of this piece.

Dancers: Liz Kamille, Nicky Belgrave, Olivia Frances, Demisha Hembury, Aiesha Fontaine, Aisha Kakie Ahumah, Rhea T-W, Tanisha Bryan-Lee, Holly Palmer, Tilly Geddes, Chaquelah Forrester, Abisola Alli, Demisha Donkor, Eryn Kerry Bates, Zhane Reid, Courtney Yao, Corrine D Ndedi Bilitik, Olu Alatise, Ylenia Poidomani, Odette Mifele, Rebecca CM, Chantelle Dawe, Poppydene Lingham

Filmed and edited by: Odd Venture

By Sadie Pro Dance:

Missy Elliott – ‘I’m Really Hot’


Sadie had a concept that she wished Liz to be a part of, Liz roped in Shanice and this was what happened!


Dancers: Sadie Pro Dance, Liz Kamille, Shanice Roseanne

Filmed and edited by: Blak Sparrow